Britain's Most Prestigious Cemetery


(Christogram, a monogram or abbreviation for the name of Jesus, in Greek characters) and grapes, both ancient Christian symbols.


The Top Gate (just to the west of Kensal Green Underground Station) admits both cars and pedestrians during regular opening hours. This gate also leads to the independent Roman Catholic cemetery of St. Mary.

The Main Gate, to the east near the junction with Ladbroke Grove, is for pedestrians only, and generally closes an hour before the Top Gate.

The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery run regular Sunday tours - read more

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New book launched

Their Exits

Kensal Green Cemetery are proud to announce the launch of their latest publication 'Their Exits: Encore'. A much enlarged, updated and expanded edition of Their Exits, a publication celebrating theatrical, musical and equestrian performers and literary figures of buried at Kensal Green. Available to purchase online.

£20.99 incl. p&p, hardback - Purchase now