Listed Buildings & Monuments at Kensal Green Cemetery

There are fully 153 Listed monuments within Kensal Green Cemetery, in addition to both chapels, North Terrace Colonnade, Main and Upper gates, boundary wall and parish boundary stones. Historic England (formerly, English Heritage) identifies and protects England's built heritage principally by listing -- that is, recommending buildings and monuments for inclusion on statutory lists (now compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) that recognise 'special architectural or historic interest'. Listing variously recognises age, rarity, architectural merit, method of construction, even association with a famous person or important event. Grading indicates relative architectural or historic interest:

Grade I buildings or monuments are of exceptional interest
Grade II* are particularly important, and of more than special interest
Grade II are of special interest, warranting every effort to preserve them

Listing currently protects some 500,000 buildings in England, of which over 90% are Grade II.

Schedule of Listed Buildings and Monuments at Kensal Green Cemetery, 1984-2011

Listed Buildings Grade II* Listed Monuments Grade II Listed Monuments

Anglican Chapel

The Anglican Chapel


The Anglican Chapel


The Dissenters' Chapel

Entrance Gateway opposite Wellington Road (Main Gate)


Perimeter walls and railings including entrance gateway opposite Wakeman Road (Upper, Royal or Victoria Gate)

The North Terrace Colonnade

15 Parish Boundary Markers (marked HP for Hammersmith on the west, and KP for Kensington on the east)

Mary Eleanor Gibson monument

Mary Eleanor Gibson monument

Grade II* Listed Monuments

Casement, General Sir William, KCB
Ducrow, Andrew
Gibson, Mary & Mary Eleanor
Long, John St. John
Michaelis, Ninon
Mulready, William, RA
Ricketts, Capt. Charles Spencer
HRH Princess Sophia
Soyer and Simoneau
HRH Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex

Mary Ann Thurston monument

Thurston monument, tondo by HRH Princess Louise

Grade II Listed Monuments

Aikman, Colonel Frederick Robertson, VC
Aitchison, General Sir John, GCB
Allingham, Alexandrina & Herbert
Andrews, James Edward
Babbage, Charles
Balfe, Michael
Barry, Dr. James
Birkbeck, Dr. George
Blake, Revd John Frederick
Blondin (Jean-François Gravelet)
Blumberg Mausoleum
Bowman, Charles Broughton
Boyce, George Price
Bruce, Alexander
Brunel, Sir Marc Isambard & Isambard Kingdom
Burn, William
Burrowes, Peter
Burton, Decimus
Byron, Lady Anne Isabella Noel
Cambridge, HRH George William Frederick Campbell, John
Cassel, Sir Ernest Joseph
Chappell, William, FSA
Chatterton, John Balsir
Churchill, Marigold
Collett, John
Collins, William Wilkie
Combe, James
Cooke, Alfred
Cooke, Thomas Simpson
Cropper, Joseph Almond
Cruikshank, George
D'Alte, Viscountess (Harriet Browne)
Daniell, Thomas, RA
Deacon, Admiral Henry Collins
Dean, Henry & Walter Peart
Dewajee, Dadoba
Duncan, Capt. The Hon. Henry
Dunlop, James
Durham, Joseph
Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock
Ellison, Col Robert
Evans, Major General George de Lacy
Farrant, Sir George
Fenwick, Thomas
Ferguson, Robert
Franks, Sir Augustus Wollaston
Freeling, Sir Frances
Galloway, Earl of (Admiral Sir George Stewart)
Gardner, Ann
Gibson, John
Glentworth, Annabelle, Dowager Viscountess
Gordon, John
Gorrequer, Col. Gideon
Gregory, Isabella
Griffith, Samuel & John
Hall, Edward ('unidentified mausoleum c.1834')
Hancock, Thomas
Hankey, John
Hardwick, Thomas & Philip
Harris, Anne
Hawley, John & Charles
Herschell, Rev. Ridley
Hobhouse, John Cam (Baron Broughton De Gyfford)
Holland, William
Hood, Thomas
Hudson, Joseph
Hume, Joseph
Hunt, James Leigh
Huth, John Frederick Andrew
Jones, Owen
Kelly, Agnes
Kemble, Charles & Frances Ann
Keith, Viscountess (Hester Maria Elphinstone)
Kendall, Henry Edward
Kennard, Robert William
Kent, W.H.
Kirby, Robert
Kmety, George
Lane, Adelina
Lewis, William Price
Lewis, Wyndham
Locke, Joseph & MacCreery, John
Loudon, John Claudius
Lucas, John
Macklew, Edward
Martin, Eustace Meredith
Mayne, Sir Richard
McClean, John Robinson
Molesworth, Sir William, Bt.
Molyneux, Edmund
Montgomerie, Mary, Lady
Morison, James
Morris, David
Murray, John
Newton, Sir Charles
O'Brien, Sir Patrick & Perry, Gen. James
O'Connor, Feargus
Otway, Sir Robert Waller
Owen, Robert (cenotaph)
Paul, Sir John Dean
Peacocke, General Sir Marmaduke Warner, KG
Percy, Grace
Poole, James
Portland, 5th Duke of (William Cavendish-Bentick)
Pulteney, Margaret
Reformers' Memorial
Rendel, Thomas Meadows, FRS
Richardson, Joseph
Richman, Amelia Jane
Robertson, Major Gen. Archibald
Ross, Admiral Sir John, KCB
Ross, Maryan
Russell, Henry
Sarkies, Tigran
Scriven, Edward
Siemens, Sir Carl William
Slater, Julia
Sligo, 2nd Marquis Of (Howe Peter Browne)
Smirke, Robert, RA
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Rev. Sydney
Somerset, Duke of (Edward Adolphus Seymour, KG, FRS, FSA, FLS)
Staveley, William
Stevenson, Joanna
Strangford, 7th Viscount (George Augustus Frederick Percy Sydney Smythe)
Stuart, John McDouall
Ternouth, John
Thackeray, William Makepeace
Thompson, John (Gregory, Margaret & Barnard)
Thompson, Peter
Thurston, Mary Ann
Tillson, Frederick
Tompson Delmar, Maria & Frederick (misidentified as Charlotte Tremaine)
Trollope, Anthony
Tucker, Henry St George & Rear Admiral Thomas Tudor
Tustin, Maria
Valpy, Dr. Richard
Walker, Gen. Forester
Ward, James
Waugh, George & Mary
Winsor, Frederick Albert
Yates, Frederick


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