monuments at kensal green

The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, boasts one of the finest collection of funerary monuments in the world, with 153 already Grade II* or Grade II Listed in the national registry of buildings of special architectural or historic interest. A great many more also mark the graves of notable personalities, or appeal as sculpture in their own right. The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery are regularly involved in the restoration and conservation of monuments throughout the cemetery.


Broken column: symbol of a life cut short, or the loss of the head of the family


Royalty & Aristocracy

Duke of Sussex
HRH Augustus Frederick Duke of Sussex (1773-1843)
Cecilia Letitia, Duchess of Inverness (1793-1873)


Science & Engineering

Charles Babbage
Mathematician, pioneer of computing


Kensal Green Founders

George Frederick Carden
Barrister, founder of Kensal Green

Veiled urn: an allusion to the veneration of cremated remains in ancient Rome
HRH Princess Sophia
HRH Princess Sophia

Sir Marc Isambard Brunel
Isambard Kingdom Brunel


Sir John Dean Paul
1st Baronet
(d. 1852)
Banker, principal financial backer of the nascent General Cemetery Company

Downturned torches or flambeaux, symbol of life being extinguished

HRH Duke of Cambridge
HRH George William Frederick Charles
Duke of Cambridge KG
Sarah Louisa Fairbrother
('Mrs. Fitzgeorge')

Joseph Locke, FRS
Civil engineer

Charles Broughton Bowman
(d. c1840)
First secretary of the General Cemetery Company, Kensal Green

IHS (Christogram, a monogram or abbreviation for the name of Jesus, in Greek characters) and grapes, both ancient Christian symbols

William John Cavendish-Bentinck-Scott
5th Duke of Portland

John Robinson McClean
Civil engineer
Francis William (Frank) McClean

Robert William Sievier, FRS
Sculptor & early member of the Board:
monument by Sievier to his parents

Beehive, symbol variously of community, teamwork, industry, perseverance and selflessness; also of purity and chastity, and ultimately (on account of the hive's annual hibernation) of rebirth and resurrection


George Augustus Frederick Percy Sydney Smythe, 7th Viscount Strangford, Second Baron Penshurst (1818-1857)
Percy Ellen Algernon Frederick William Sydney Smythe, 8th Viscount Strangford (1825-1869)
Emily Ann Beaufort, Viscountess Strangford (1826-1887)

David Napier
Marine engineer

Andrew Spottiswoode MP
Bible publisher & early member of the Board

Bird, a symbol of the soul flying free of the body; the dove, superficially, also represents both peace and the Holy Spirit


The Hon. Patrick Bowes-Lyon
Fifth son of the 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn, uncle of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900-2002)


Sir John Rennie
Civil engineer

Henry Edward Kendall
Architect, winner of Kensal Green's 100 guinea architectural competition

Clasped hands, symbol of fidelity, loyalty and affection unto death and beyond;this and many other symbols commonly found on funeral monuments also has strong Masonic associations


Mary Ann Thurston
Nurse to the children of Queen Victoria, memorial designed by HRH Princess Louise

Richard Roberts
Mechanical inventor


Margaret Gregory
Wife of the scurrilous journalist Barnard Gregory (1796-1852); first funeral conducted in Kensal Green (31 January 1833)
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