Friends' publications, postcards, merchandise and a selection of other books of interest, are available to visitors after the Sunday afternoon tour, before and after lectures, at the Friends' bookstall on Open Day, and by post from FOKGC Publications, 39A St. Helens Gardens, London W10 6LN; please include payment by cheque drawn on a British bank in pounds sterling. The two introductory guides, the Concise Guide and Paths of Glory are also usually available for cash from the General Cemetery Company, at the Main Gate, during office hours.

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Kensal Green Cemetery Their Exits
Concise Guide

Kensal Green Cemetery Concise Guide

Signe Hoffos & FOKGC, London, 2008; 8pp, A5, 29 colour photographs; £1.50 plus 50p p&p

A brief history of the cemetery,with biographical notes and a plan of the cemetery marking the resting places and monuments of 99 notable personalities: Aikman, Ainsworth, Allingham, Alma-Tadema (née Epps), Ashbury, Babbage, Balfe, Barry, Beatty, Birkbeck, Blondin (né Gravelet), Bonington, Bridgetower, Brunel, Byron (née Milbanke), Cambridge, Carden, Casement, Cassel, Churchill, Cockburn, Collins, Cooke, Cruikshank, Davidson, Dawajee, Dawes/Feuchères, Dredge, Ducrow, Fairbrother, Forster, Franklin (née Griffin), Fried, Frith, Forster, Gibson, Griffith, Grossmith, Hayes, Hobhouse, Hogarth, Holland, Hood, Hunt, Huth, Inverness, Kendall, Lancaster, Lander, Leech, Leigh, Locke, Long, Loudon, Lucas, Macready, Mayhew, McClure, Mornington, Molyneux, Morison, Mulready, O’Connor, Paul, Pears, Rattigan, Richardson, Ricketts Roberts, Russell, Siemens, Simonau, Smith, Princess Sophia, Soyer, Staunton, Stephen, Strangford, Stuart, Sussex, Tagore, Tenniel, Thackeray, Trollope, Wakley, Wallace, Wilde (Speranza) and Wingfield.

Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory: A Select Alphabetical and Biographical List of Persons of Note Commemorated at the Cemetery of All Souls at Kensal Green

FOKGC, London, 1997; 108pp, A4, spiral-bound, glassine cover, illustrated; reprinting, available shortly

This invaluable guide includes a short history of the cemetery, together with brief biographical notes on over 650 notable personalities, as well as a clear line drawing of each monument, together with a grid reference and map to facilitate location. Sample entry:

Sample PoG entry

Kensal Green Cemetery (Curl)
Kensal Green Cemetery
The Origins and Development of the General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, London, 1824-2001,
edited by James Stevens Curl

Phillimore & Co., Chichester, 2001; 448pp, hardback, dust jacket, 274 illustrations
SPECIAL OFFER: £20.00 plus £6.50 p&p (UK)
ISBN : 1 86077 194 7 / ISBN 13 : 978 1 86077 194 1

"This magnificent book ... must surely now be the most extensive monograph ever devoted to a single cemetery anywhere in the world, and will repay close study for years to come." (Garden History)

"Beautifully illustrated with faultless captions ... scrupulously indexed, foot-noted and referenced" (The London Society Journal)

This important publication represents a comprehensive history not only of All Souls, Kensal Green, but also the origins of the British cemetery movement, 19th century funerary practice, and many notable personalities associated with this magnificent site and its monuments.

  • The Historical Background (James Steven Curl)
  • George Frederick Carden and the Genesis of the General Cemetery Company (James Steven Curl)
  • The Architectural Competition of 1831-2 and its Aftermath (James Steven Curl)
  • The General Cemetery from 1833-1842 (James Steven Curl)
  • Kensal Green Cemetery 1842-1852 (James Steven Curl)
  • The Cemetery and its Fortunes 1852-2001 (James Steven Curl)
  • The Cemetery Buildings (Jennifer M. Freeman)
  • Introduction to and Gazetteer of the Monuments in Kensal Green Cemetery (Roger Bowdler)
  • The Monument of the General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green: Meaning and Style (Christopher Brooks)
  • Sculptors and Sculpture: A Supplement (John Physick)
  • The Inscriptions (Robert Moulder)
  • A Geology of Kensal Green Cemetery (Eric Robinson)
  • The Landscape of Kensal Green Cemetery (Brent Elliott)
  • The Land Use and Flora and Fauna of Kensal Green Cemetery (Timothy H. Freed)
  • Burial at Kensal Green Cemetery (Julian Litten)
  • The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery (André Davies and Henry Vivian-Neal)
  • Conclusion (James Steven Curl and Jennifer M. Freeman)
  • Appendices: Chairmen of the General Cemetery Company, Abstract of Indenture 19 September 1832, Abstract of Indenture relating to the purchase of two plots 1833, Constitution of the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery
  • Select Bibliography (over 850 books and articles)
A Railway Pantheon

A Railway Pantheon
An alphabetical biographical gazetteer, illustrated with line drawings of their monuments, of railway engineers and others connected with railways buried at Kensal Green Cemetery

FOKGC and Henry Vivian-Neal, London, 2005; softcover, 28pp, A4, stapled, illustrated; £3.00 plus £1.25 p&p

A comprehensive guide to notable personalities associated with railways -- engineers, entrepreneurs, architects, artists, contractors and critics -- with a brief biographical note, line drawing of every monument, and a grid plan of the cemetery to facilitate location. The Pantheon features: Sir William Patrick Andrew, James Lloyd Ashbury, John Ashbury, Peter William Barlow, William Beattie, James Beatty, Richard Vicars Boyle, John Braithwaite, William Duff Bruce, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Sir Marc Isambard Brunel, George Rowden Burnell, Sir Samuel Canning, Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel GCMG GCVO, John Chapman, Sir John Coode KCMG PICE, Thomas Russell Crampton, Charles Louis Aimé de Bergue, Charles Edmund de Bertodano, Henry J.L. Dean, James Dredge, John Edward Errington, Sir George Lancelot Eyles, William Powell Frith, Charles Geach, Francis Giles, Joseph Glynn, Thomas Longridge Gooch, Lewis Dunbar Brodie Gordon, John Grant, Sidney Hall, Philip Hardwick, Philip Charles Hardwick, George Harrison, George Willoughby Hemans, John Mortimer Heppel, John Lionel Hood, Lewis Henry Isaacs, Ralph Ward Jackson, Robert Jeffrey, Henry Batson Joyner, Sir John Kelk Bt, Robert William Kennard, Henry Kirtley, Christopher Bagot Lane, Michael Lane, Joseph Locke, William Martley, John Robinson McClean, David McIntosh, Vice Admiral Constantine Richard Moorsom, William Scarth Moorsom, George Bolland Newton, John Meeson Parsons, Walter Peart, John Shae Perring, George Henry Phipps, Benjamin Piercy, William Alexander Provis, James Meadows Rendel, Sir John Rennie (the younger), Charles Russell, Thomas Manzon Rymer-Jones, Joseph D’Aguilar Samuda, Charles Alexander Saunders, Henry Sayer, Benjamin Shaw, Sir Carl William Siemens FRS, William Unwin Sims, Sir John Mark Frederick Smith, Thomas Samuel Speck, George Percival Spooner, Richard St-George-Moore, Sir Rowland MacDonald Stephenson, Francis Croughton Stileman, John Tenniel, John Wellesley Thomas, Edward Wilson, William Winans, Samuel Hansard Yockney and William Yolland.

VC Holders at Kensal Green

Holders of the Victoria Cross at Kensal Green Cemetery

FOKGC and Henry Vivian-Neal, London, 2005; softcover, 16pp, A5, stapled, illustrated; £2.00 plus £1.25 p&p

A comprehensive guide to the 14 holders of the Victoria Cross, and one holder of the George Cross, interred at the General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green. This monograph includes a brief introduction, a biographical note on each of the 14, together with a line drawing of each monument, and a grid plan of the cemetery to facilitate location. This guide features: Colonel Frederick Robinson Aikman VC; Brigadier Guy Huddlesdon Boisragon VC; General Sir Collingwood Dickson VC GCB; Fireman Frederick Davies GC; Major General Matthew Charles Dixon VC; General Sir Hugh Henry Gough VC GCB; Captain Neville Reginald Howse VC KCB KCMG FRCS FRACS, Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem; Major Walter James VC; Lieutenant Colonel Edward Henry Lenon VC; Major General Sir Owen Edward Pennefeather Lloyd VC KCB; Captain John Grant Malcolmson VC; Sir James Mouat VC KCB QHS MD FRCS; General The Rt. Hon. Sir Dighton MacNaughton Probyn VC GCB GCSI GCVO ISO; Lieutenant Colonel John Manners Smith VC CIE CVO; and Major General William Spottiswoode Trevor VC.

A Byron Tour at Kensal Green Cemetery


Henry Vivian-Neal, 2006; 20pp, A4, spiral-bound, glassine cover, illustrated; £3.00 plus £1.25 p&p

Twenty notable personalities now resting at Kensal Green who were associated with the poet Lord Byron, including brief biographical notes, illustrations and grid plan: Henry Angelo, Charles Babbage FRS, Lady Charlotte Bacon (née Harley), Michael William Balfe, Michael Bruce, Anne Isabella Noel, Lady Byron, Andrew Ducrow, Giovanni Battista Falcieri, John Fitzgibbon 2nd Earl of Clare, John Cam Hobhouse, Jane Hogg, James Henry Leigh Hunt, Anna Brownell Jameson, The Hon. Augusta Leigh, Daniel MacKinnon, William Charles Macready, Elizabeth Masson, John Murray, George Sanders, Howe Peter Browne 2nd Marquis of Sligo

The Monument to William Mulready RA


Henry Vivian-Neal, 2008; 42pp, soft cover, illustrated; £5.00 plus £1.25 p&p

A key to the fifteen incised images surrounding the monument of the Victorian genre painter William Mulready RA (1786-1863), with a detailed description of the monument, full-colour reproductions of all the corresponding paintings and drawings, and biographical note reproduced with the generous permission of The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. The works comprise: The Younger Brother, The Last In, Hay-making: Burchell and Sophia, The Wolf and the Lamb, The Careless Messenger Detected or The Careless Nurse, Dog of Two Minds, The Butt -- Shooting a Cherry, Boy Firing a Cannon, The Travelling Druggist, The Sonnet (‘from a popular novel’), Choosing the Wedding Gown, Giving a Bite, Academy study of a seated female nude, The Seven Ages of Man, and Academy study of a seated male nude

Their Exits

Their ExiTs

Henry Vivian-Neal, 2012; 236pp, soft cover, illustrated; £12.50 plus £2.50 p&p
ISBN 978-0-9572049-0-4

Their Exits is a biographical guide to some 360 performers and writers — actors, singers, dancers, music hall artistes, equestrians, funambulists, impresarios, authors, poets and playwrights — buried, cremated or commemorated at the doyen of London's Magnificent Seven garden cemeteries, Kensal Green. Published by Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery, it was compiled by FOKGC Head Guide Henry Vivian-Neal with the assistance of researcher Alexander Bisset, and includes a foreword by Sir Donald Sinden. The 236-page guide includes 164 reproductions of vintage prints and photographs from private collections, as well as concise but detailed summaries of each artist's career and details of every featured monument. Those now resting at Kensal Green include the actors William Macready, Fanny Kemble and Charles Mathews; playwrights Harold Pinter and Terence Rattigan; composers Michael Balfe, Henry Russell and William Vincent Wallace; and music hall artistes 'Handsome' Harry Clifton, Sam Collins and Alfred Lester.

Walk like an Egyptian

Walk Like an Egyptian in Kensal Green Cemetery

Cathie Bryan, 2012; 38pp, A4, spiral-bound, illustrated; £5.00 plus£2.00 p&p
ISBN 978-0-9572049-2-8

This fully illustrated guide looks in some detail at 24 prominent monuments on or near Centre Avenue of Kensal Green Cemetery, to explore the influence of ancient Egyptian architecture and ornament on western funerary monuments. It includes a marked plan of the cemetery and photographs of each monument as finding aids, together with a comprehensive introduction to the elements of ancient Egyptian temple architecture, symbolism, forms and motifs that are reflected in the mausoleums, obelisks and monuments of the 19th and 20th centuries. This guide was developed with the cooperation of the Petrie Museum through a number of very popular walks with guide, writer and lecturer Cathie Bryan.

Tales from the Tombs

Tales from the Tombs: Four talks by Julian Litten

Dr. Julian Litten, MP3 audio DVD £12 plus £1.25 p&p

Four 60-minute lectures written and read by Dr. Julian Litten, Founder President of the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery, and author of The English Way of Death (Robert Hale, 1991):

  • Burial Vaults of the Aristocracy
  • Necropolis of the Metropolis
  • The English Funeral 1700-1850
  • Funeral Transport 1500-1850
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