Events and Open Days at Kensal Green


There are a number of events and open days throughout the year open to the public which prove popular with historians, tourists and locals. A list of forthcoming events is shown on this page.

Tickets may be booked on the day; early booking is strongly advised as tours usually sell out by early afternoon. Tours keep to the main paths, but sensible shoes -- and protection from sun or rain as the day demands -- are advisable.

Visitors are politely reminded that Kensal Green is a working cemetery which still conducts funerals daily, and that the bereaved may be visiting the graves of family or friends: those who come specifically for Open Day tours and events are requested to dress and behave with respect and consideration for all those in the cemetery on the day.

Visitors are welcome to take still photos of monuments and landscape for personal reference. Formal permission is required for commercial photography and the use of models, amateur or professional, and for recording, filming and/or broadcasting of any kind, including webcasting: please contact the General Cemetery Company directly for further information.

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Mausolea & Monuments Trust Forthcoming Events

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Death and Dynasty

Date / time: 18:30 13-Oct-21

It's easy to think of funerary monuments as being primarily created by-and for-the particular individuals touched by a death. For the powerful and socially ambitious, however, some tombs and mausolea additionally aim to do something more. They were conceived as a means of binding different generations of a family together across time, thereby celebrating and sign-posting dynastic depth and identity. This illustrated talk will look at examples of this practice across the full sweep of British history.

John Goodall Architectural Editor of Country Life and author of two award winning books including The English Castle (2011). John is also a Trustee of the MMT.

Price: £5.00

Unlocking the mysteries of Highgate mausolea

Date / time: 11:00 06-Nov-21

Highgate Cemetery has mausolea from the 1840s to the 21st century, in Egyptian, Gothic and Classical styles. Some were the productions of funerary masons, others were designed by leading architects of their day. Some were intended to house unknown numbers of future generations, others were to collect up the last of the line.

Join Ian Dungavell of Highgate Cemetery on a small group tour to examine how these mysterious buildings worked, including rare access to some interiors.

As this event will include visiting the interior of some mausolea the group will be limited to 10 people.

Tickets exclusively available to MMT members - you will need to provide proof of membership.

Price: £10.00

Tales from the Vienna Cemeteries

Date / time: 18:30 17-Nov-21

Vienna was one of the pioneering cities, possibly the first, to close its churchyards and to establish extramural cemeteries, which it did around 1740. This illustrated talk will introduce the history of the city’s burial grounds and describe the four cemeteries that every tourist should see, including the Central Cemetery, one of the world’s largest (larger than Brookwood and even larger than the walled city of Vienna). Architecture, sculpture, famous people, and some curiosities of funeral and burial lore will all be examined, including the (completely untrue) story of Mozart’s pauper burial.

Brent Elliott was formerly Librarian, then Historian of the Royal Horticultural Society. He is a Trustee of the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery.

Price: £5.00