Notable People At Kensal Green

Over 250,000 people have been laid to rest at the General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, since 1833, as burials and cremated remains, in graves and catacombs. Amongst princes and paupers, the great and the good, the famous and the infamous, over 1,500 notable personalities -- including nearly 1,000 with entries in the Dictionary of National Biography -- are buried at Kensal Green, from the children of George III to the servants of Queen Victoria. Engineers and artists, politicians and preachers, scientists and sportsmen, writers and actors, doctors and lawyers, financiers and philanthropists, explorers and wastrels, lie as neighbours in the aptly-named All Souls. Some 500 members of the titled nobility include the 5th Duke of Portland, the 9th Duke of Queensbury, three Marquesses of Sligo, and John De Courcy, Baron Kingsale, Premier Baron of Ireland, as well as Lord Palmerston's sister, Queen Victoria's god-daughter, the present Queen's great-uncle, and Mary Ann Thurston, nurse to the children of Queen Victoria, whose memorial was designed by HRH Princess Louise.

Notable personalities include the engineers Sir Marc Isambard Brunel and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Joseph Locke and Carl William Siemens; Charles Babbage, 'the father of computing', and Howard Staunton, designer of the modern standard chess set, the architects Decimus Burton and John Tarring ('the Gilbert Scott of the Dissenters'); the designers Owen Jones and Ossie Clarke; the merchants Andrew Pears, WH Smith and William Whiteley; the novelists Wilkie Collins, Anthony Trollope and William Makepeace Thackeray; the poet Thomas Hood and the clerical wit Sydney Smith; the artists Richard Bonington, Philip Calderon, Daniel Maclise, William Mulready, and John William Waterhouse; the illustrators John Tenniel and John Leech, and the caricaturist Leslie Ward ('Spy'); the Irish soprano Catherine Hayes and the West Indian-Polish violin virtuoso George Bridgetower; the composers Michael Balfe ('I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls') and Henry Russell ('A Life on the Ocean Wave'); the actors William Macready, Charles Philip Kemble, Fanny Kemble and George Grossmith; the funambulist Blondin, and the equestrian circus proprietor Andrew Ducrow. Kensal Green is the resting place of Lord Byron's wife, half-sister, publisher, best man and most faithful servant; and of some two dozen of Charles Dickens' close friends and relations, including John Forster, Frederic Chapman, Samuel Lover, and Mary Scott Hogarth.

Fifty of Kensal Green's best known personalities and monuments are featured in the Concise Introductory Guide, and virtually all of those listed below appear in the Friends' publication Paths of Glory; both publications are available by post, after the weekly Sunday tour, on our annual Open Day and from the office of the General Cemetery Company at the Main Gate during office hours. Both guides include a short biographical note on each individual; the Concise Guide offers a plan of the cemetery with locations broadly marked, while Paths of Glory includes with a line drawing of each monument, together with a grid reference and map to facilitate location.


Alexander Marshall Peebles (1837-1891)
Charles Ridson Gribble (1835-1896)
David Brandon (1813-1897)
Decimus Burton (1800-1881)
Francis Goodwin (1784-1835)
Hayter Lewis (1818-1898)
Henry Edward Kendall (1776-1875)
John Gibson (1817-1892)
John Goldicutt (1793-1842)
John Murray Easton (1889-1975)
John Shaw (1803-1870)
John Tarring (1805-1875)
Joseph Henry Good (1775-1857)
Owen Jones (1809-1874)
Philip Charles Hardwick (1822-1892)
Philip Hardwick (1792-1880)
Sir John Kelk Bt (1816-1886)
Thomas Allom (1804-1872)
William Burn (1789-1870)
William Scamp (1801-1872)
William Wood (1825-1873)


Leslie Ward ('Spy') (1851-1922)
Ada Alice Pullen (Dorothy Dene) (1859-1899)
Allan Cunningham (1784-1842)
Andrew Geddes (1783-1844)
Ann Birch Cockings (c1766-1844)
Anna Brownell Jameson (1794-1860)
Augustus Wall Calcott (1779-1844)
Carlo Giuliano (c1831-1895)
Charles Locke Eastlake (1836-1906)
Charles Robert Leslie (1794-1859)
Charles Vacher (1818-1883)
Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)
Edward Gustavus Physick (1802-1875)
Edward Scriven (1775-1841)
Edwin Hayes (1819-1904)
Emma Soyer (1813-1842)
Ernest Crofts (1847-1911)
Eyre Crowe (1824-1910)
Fairlie Harmer (Lady Harberton) (1876-1945)
Frederick Edward Swain (1871-1944)
Frederick Goulding (1842-1909)
Frederick William Keyl (1823-1871)
Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi (1757-1821)
George Cruikshank (1792-1878)
George Price Boyce (1826-1897)
George Vicat Cole (1833-1893)
Gustavus George Zerffi (1821-1892)
Henry Alexander Bowler (1824-1903)
Henry Jean Baptiste Victoire Fradelle (1778-1865)
Henry Weekes (1807-1877)
Hugh Carter (1837-1903)
Humphrey Hopper (1833-1866)
James Holworthy (c1796- 1841)
James Ward (1769-1859)
John Adams Houston (1812-1864)
John Calcott Horsley (1817-1903)
John Edward Carew (1785-1868)
John Graham Lough (1806-1876)
John Hollins (1798-1855)
John Leech (1817-1864)
John Lucas (1807-1874)
John Phillip (1817-1867)
John Scarlett Davis (1804-1844)
John Ternouth (c1796-1848)
John Thompson (1785-1866)
John Trivett Nettleship (1841-1902)
John Varley (1778-1842)
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)
Jonathon St. John Aubin (1928-1986)
Joseph Durham (1814-1877)
Joseph Theakston (1772-1842)
Lowes Cato Dickinson (1819-1908)
odore Rochard (c1804-1857)
ois Simonau (1783-1859)
Philip Hermogenes Calderon (1833-1898)
Phillipp Moos (c1779-1916)
Rev. Alexander Dyce (1798-1869)
Richard Parkes Bonington (1802-1828)
Robert Phillips (1810-1881)
Robert Smirke (1752-1845)
Robert William Sievier (1794-1865)
Rudolph Ackermann (1826-1871)
Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke FSA (1846-1911)
Sir Charles Lock Eastlake PRA (1793-1865)
Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914)
Tadema (1852-1909)
Thomas Brigstocke (1809-1881)
Thomas Campbell (1790-1858)
Thomas Daniell (1749-1840)
Thomas Stewardson (1781-1859)
Wallis McKay (1802-1907)
William Behnes (1795-1864)
William Calder Marshall (1813-1894)
William Daniell (1769-1837)
William Mulready (1776-1863)
William Powell Frith (1819-1909)
William Salter (1804-1875)
William Strang (1859-1921)


Alfred Cooke (1822-1854)
Andrew Ducrow (1793-1842)
Emile Blondin (Jean-Francois Gravelet) (1824-1897)
Jean Pierre Ginnett (d. 1861)
Thomas Taplin Cooke (c1782-1866)
William Batty (1802-1863)
William Cooke (1808-1886)


Andrew Pears (1766-1845)
Archibald Blane (1788-1852)
Arnaud Paige Whyte (1815-1897)
Frederick Perkins (1780-1860)
George Henry Robins (1778-1847)
Gottlieb Augustus Treyer (1790-1869)
Henry St. George Tucker (1771-1851)
James Smith (d. 1910)
John Aldred Twining (1770-1855)
John Frederick Andrew Huth (1777-1864)
John Gordon (1802-1840)
John Lewis Bonhote (c1805-1867)
Joseph Charles Taylor (d. 1837)
Joshua Bates (1788-1864)
nd Baronet (1802-1868)
Philip Cadell Peebles (1842-1895)
Richard Twining (1772-1857)
Sir Andrew Lusk (1810-1909)
Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel GCMG GCVO (1852-1921)
Sir Francis Freeling (1764-1836)
Sir Henry Harben (1823-1911)
st Baron Hambro (1808-1877)
st Baronet (1775-1852)
Thomas de la Rue (1793-1866)
Thomas Hamlet (1770-1853)
Thomas Liversedge Fish (1782-1861)
William Henry Smith (1792-1865)
William Whiteley (1831-1907)


Joshua Girling Fitch (1824-1903)
Richard Valpy (1754-1836)
Sir George Birkbeck (1776-1841)


Aguilar Samuda (1813-1885)
Angier March Perkins (1799-1881)
Benjamin Piercy (1827-1888)
Charles Oldfield (1794-1855)
Charles Pelham Villiers (1802-1898)
Charles William Lancaster (1820-1878)
David Napier (1790-1869)
Francis Giles (1787-1847)
Frederick Albert Winsor (1763-1830)
George Bowden Burnell (1814-1868)
George Burt (1816-1894)
Isambard Kingdom Brunel (1806-1859)
Jacob Perkins (1766-1849)
Jacob Snider (d. 1866)
James Beatty (1820-1856)
James Combe (c1806-1867)
James Dredge (1840-1906)
James Lloyd Ashbury (1834-1895)
James MacAdam (c1818-1853)
James Meadows Rendel (1799-1856)
John Ashbury (1806-1866)
John Braithwaite FSA MICE (1797-1870)
John Edward Errington (1806-1862)
John Rennie the younger (1794-1874)
John Robinson McClean (1813-1873)
John Shae Perring (1813-1869)
Joseph Locke (1805-1860)
Joseph Manton (1766-1835)
Michael Lane (c1803-1868)
Peter Brotherhood (1838-1902)
Peter William Barlow (1809-1885)
Richard Roberts (1789-1864)
Richard Vicars Boyle (1822-1908)
Sir Carl William Siemens FRS (1823-1883)
Sir James Nichol MacAdam (1786-1852)
Sir Marc Isambard Brunel (1769-1849)
Sir William Patrick Andrew (1806-1887)
Thomas Barnabas Daft (1816-1878)
Thomas Russell Crampton (1816-1888)
William Alexander Provis (1792-1870)
William Duff Bruce MICE (1839-1900)
William Leftwich (1770-1843)
William Thomas Henley (1813-1882)


Admiral Henry John Rous (1795-1877)
Admiral Richard Charles Mayne CB (1835-1892)
Admiral Sir Edward Augustus Inglefield KCB DCL FRS FRCS (1820-1894)
Admiral Sir John Ross KCB (1777-1856)
John Lander (1807-1839)
John McDouall Stuart (1815-1866)
Lady Jane Franklin (1792-1875)
Robert McCormick (1800-1890)
Vice Admiral Sir Robert McClure CB (1807-1873)


Edward Manuel Lander (1836-1910)
John Nodes (d. 1895)
Richard Maile (d. 1850)
Rupert Brindley (c1791-1847)
Thomas Dowbiggin (d. 1854)
William Banting (1826-1901)
William Holland (1779-1856)
William Westbrook Banting (1857-1932)


Alexis Benoit Soyer (1809-1858)
Louis Eustache Ude (1768-1846)


Henry J.L. Dean (d. 1898)
Walter Peart (d. 1898)


Charlotte Sophia Lockhart (née Scott) (c1800-1837)
Harriet Marian Stephen (née Thackeray) (1840-1875)
Lady Jane Francesca Wilde ('Speranza') (1821-1896)
Robert Deverell (né Pedley) (1760-1841)
Alexander Gilchrist (1828-1861)
Andrew White Tuer (1838-1900)
Anne Scott (1803-1833)
Anthony Trollope (1815-1882)
Augusta Leigh (1784-1851)
Augustus Wollaston Franks (1826-1897)
Barnard Gregory (1796-1852)
Bernard Bolingbroke Woodward (1816-1869)
Catherine Grace Frances Gore (1799-1861)
Catherine Louisa Pirkis (1841-1910)
Charles Mackay (1814-1889)
Charles Wentworth Dilke (1789-1864)
Charles Whittingham (1795-1876)
Charles William Shirley Brooks (1816-1874)
Edmund Routledge (1843-1899)
Edward Herbert Cooper (1867-1910)
Edward Peron Hingston (c1823-1876)
Emil Reich (1854-1910)
Erich Fried (1921-1988)
Eyre Evans Crowe (1799-1868)
Frances Dunlop Lowell (1825-1885)
Frederic Chapman (1823-1895)
Frederick August Rosen (1805-1837)
Frederick Madden (1801-1873)
Gen. Sir John Weale (1791-1862)
George Darley (1795-1846)
George Dyer (1755-1841)
George Hogarth (1783-1870)
George Percy Badger (1815-1888)
Giovanni Battista ('Tita') Falcieri (1798-1874)
Hennessy (1916-1974)
Henry Colburn (d. 1855)
Henry Mayhew (1812-1887)
Henry Silver (1828-1910)
Henry Spencer Ashbee (1834-1900)
Horace Hayman Wilson (1786-1860)
James Boaden (1762-1839)
James Henry Leigh Hunt (1784-1859)
James Ripley Osgood (1836-1892)
Jane Hogg (1798-1837)
Jane Wells Loudon (1807-1858)
John Bowyer Nichols (1779-1863)
John Bruce (1802-1869)
John Cassell (1817-1865)
John Forster (1812-1876)
John MacCreery (1768-1832)
John Murray (1778-1843)
John Passmore Edwards (1823-1911)
John Wade (1788-1876)
John Winter Jones (1805-1881)
Joseph Foster (1844-1905)
Julia Pardoe (1806-1862)
Lady Elizabeth Eastlake (1809-1893)
Lady Saba Holland (d. 1866)
Maria Calcott (1785-1842)
Mary Scott Hogarth (1819-1837)
Rev. Richard Harris Barham (1788-1845)
Rev. Sydney Smith (1771-1845)
Rev. Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776-1847)
Robert Bell (1800-1867)
Samuel Lover (1797-1868)
Samuel Waddington (1844-1923)
Shadworth Holloway Hodgson (1832-1912)
Sir Elias John Wilkinson Gibb (1857-1901)
Sir Joseph Archer Crowe KCMG (1825-1896)
Sophia Peabody Hawthorne [remains translated to Concord, Massachusetts, USA, 2006] (1809-1871)
Thomas Barnes (1785-1841)
Thomas Colley Grattan (1792-1864)
Thomas Henry Lister (1801-1842)
Thomas Hood (1798-1845)
Thomas Jefferson Hogg (1792-1862)
Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883)
Tibor Szamuely (1925-1972)
Una Hawthorne [remains translated to Concord, Massachusetts, USA, 2006] (1844-1877)
Walter Coulson (1794-1860)
William Caldwell Roscoe (1823-1859)
William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882)
William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1863)
William Martin Leake (1777-1860)
William Pickering (1796-1854)
William Tooke (1777-1863)
William Wilkie Collins (1824-1889)


Archibald Billing (1791-1881)
Arthur Farre (1811-1887)
Charles Robert Bell Keetley (1848-1909)
Dr. Albert Isaiah Coffin (1791-1866)
Dr. David Unwins (c1780-1837)
Dr. Frederick Hervey Foster Quin (1799-1878)
Dr. James Manby Gully (1808-1883)
Dr. James Miranda Barry (1795-1865)
Edward Cator Seaton (1815-1880)
Edward Rigby (1804-1860)
Frederick Salmon (1795-1868)
George Darling (c1782-1862)
George Napoleon Epps (1815-1874)
George Pilcher (1801-1855)
James Luke (1799-1881)
James Morison (1770-1840)
John Bostock (1773-1846)
John Croft (1833-1905)
John Elliotson (1791-1868)
John Epps (1805-1869)
John St. John Long (1798-1834)
Rear Admiral Henry Dundas Trotter (1802-1859)
Richard Bright (1789-1858)
Richard Clewin (1791-1881)
Robert Bentley Todd (1809-1860)
Robert Collum (1806-1900)
Robert Druitt (1814-1883)
Robert Lee (1793-1877)
Robert Wade (1798-1872)
Samuel Cooper (1780-1848)
Samuel Jones Gee (1839-1911)
Sir Anthony Carlisle (1768-1840)
Sir Charles Locock MD FRS DCL (1799-1875)
Sir Charles Scudamore (1779-1849)
Sir George William Lefevre (1798-1846)
Sir Gibb George Duncan (1821-1876)
Sir James McGrigor (1771-1858)
Sir James Mouat VC KCB QHS (d. 1899)
Sir James Ranald Martin FRS FRCS CB (1793-1874)
Sir John William Fisher FRCS (1788-1876)
Sir William Knighton (1776-1836)
Sir William MacCormac KCVO (1836-1901)
Sir William McKenzie MD KCB CSI (1811-1895)
Soomar Goodeve Chuckerbutty (1826-1874)
William Brinton (1823-1867)
William Coulson (1802-1877)


'Boots' (Philimore Gordon) Davidson (c1928-1993)
Samuel Richardson (c1790-1855)
Steve Peregrine Took (né Porter) (1948-1980)
Albert (1809-1886)
Angelo Adolpho Ferrari (1807-1870)
Charles Coote (1809-1880)
Charles Edward Stephens (1821-1882)
Charles Lukey Collard (d. 1891)
Donald Mackay (d. 1894)
George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower (1782-1860)
George Linley (1798-1865)
George Perry (1793-1862)
George Richard Metzler (1797-1867)
George Thomas Smart (1776-1867)
Henry John Gauntlett (1805-1876)
Henry Russell (1812-1900)
Henry Wylde (1822-1890)
James Chapman Bishop (1783-1854)
James Henry Mapleson (1802-1868)
John Balsir Chatterton (1804-1871)
John Leman Brownsmith (1809-1866)
John Liptrot Hatton (1809-1886)
John Pyke Hullah (1812-1884)
Joseph Richardson (c1790-1855)
Julius Benedict (1804-1885)
Michael William Balfe (1808-1870)
Nicholas Mori (1796-1839)
Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter (1792-1871)
Robert Lindley (1777-1855)
Sir John Goss (1800-1880)
Sir Landon Ronald (1883-1938)
Sir Michael Andrew Agnellus Costa (1808-1884)
Sir William George Cusins (1833-1893)
Thomas Massa Alsagar (1779-1846)
Thomas Simpson Cooke (1782-1848)
William Ayrton (1777-1858)
William Chappell (1809-1888)
William Horsley (1774-1864)
William Vincent Wallace (1812-1865)


Angelica Patience Fraser (1823-1910)
Dwarkanauth Tagore (1794-1856)
Louisa Twining (1820-1912)
Robert Hibbert (1769-1849)


(Robert) Vernon Heath (1820-1895)
Alexander Bassano (1829-1913)
Charles Thurston Thompson (1816-1868)
Frederick Scott Archer (1814-1858)
Oscar Rejlander (1813-1875)
William Bedford (1846-1893)


Brien (1823-1895)
Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850)
Charles Buller (1806-1848)
Charles Richard Vaughan (1775-1849)
Charles Ross (1799-1860)
Charles Thompson (1st Lord Ritchie of Dundee)
Charles Wentworth Dilke (1843-1911)
Connor (1794-1855)
George David Harris (1827-1902)
George de Hochepied Larpent (1786-1855)
George Ferguson Bowen (1821-1899)
Hayne (1833-1903)
Henry Hetherington (1792-1849)
John Benjamin Smith (1794-1879)
John Cam Hobhouse (Baron Broughton de Gyfford)
John Hawley Glover (1829-1885)
John Lothrop Motley (1814-1877)
Joseph Hume PC (1777-1855)
Lord Robert Montagu PC (1825-1902)
Montagu William Lowry Corry (Lord Rowton) (1838-1903)
Robert Bourke, Baron Connemara (1827-1902)
Robert Owen (1771-1858)
Sir Arthur Paget GCB (1771-1840)
Sir Charles Edward Grey (1785-1865)
Sir Charles George Young FSA (1795-1869)
Sir Edmund Walker Head (1805-1868)
Sir James Stephen PC KCB (1789-1859)
Sir John Malcolm KCB (1769-1833)
Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood (1801-1866)
Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell KCMG (1814-1881)
Sir Samuel George Bonham KCB (1803-1863)
Sir William Gore Ouseley KCB (1797-1866)
Sir William Molesworth , Bt (1810-1855)
Thomas Slingsby Duncombe (1796-1861)
Thomas Tooke (1774-1858)
William Atherton (1806-1864)
William Shaen (1820-1887)
William Williams (1788-1865)
Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802-1839)


Dr. John Clifford CH (1836-1923)
James Fleming (1830-1908)
James Smirnove (176-1840)
John Cumming (1807-1881)
Rev. Adam Clarke (d. 1886)
Rev. Arthur Robins (1834-1899)
Rev. David King (1806-1883)
Rev. George Shapcott (1848-1935)
Rev. Henry Stebbing FRS (1799-1883)
Rev. Ridley Haim Herschell (1807-1864)
Rev. Sir Henry Robert Dukinfield , Bt (1791-1858)
Robert Fellowes (1770-1847)
Robert Mackay (1803-1882)
Rt. Rev. Thomas Musgrave (1778-1860)
Rt. Rev. Thomas Turton (1780-1864)
Samuel Rickards (1796-1865)
William Brookfield (1809-1874)


Cecilia Letitia Underwood, Duchess of Inverness, morganatic wife of the Duke of Sussex (1793-1873)
Edward Adolphus Seymour KG FRS, Duke of Somerset (1775-1853)
Frances Bowles (née Temple), sister of Lord Palmerston (c1786-1838)
George Augustus Frederick Percy Sydney Smythe, 7th Viscount Strangford, nephew of the Duke of Wellington (1818-1857)
George John Browne, 3rd Marquis of Sligo (1820-1896)
Henry Ulick Browne, 5th Marquis of Sligo (1831-1913)
Hon. Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 15th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, uncle of the late Queen Mother (c1863-1946)
Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquis of Sligo (1788-1845)
HRH Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, sixth son of George III (1773-1843)
HRH George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904)
HRH Princess Sophia, fifth daughter of George III (1777-1848)
John Constantine De Courcy, Baron Kingsale, Premier Baron of Ireland (1827-1865)
Lady Anne Isabella Noel Byron (1792-1860)
Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset (1792-1848)
Marigold Frances Churchill, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill (1918-1921)
Mary Ann Thurston, nurse to the children of Queen Victoria (1810-1896)
Mary Jane Adams, 46 years a servant to Queens Victoria and Alexandra (1845-1921)
Percy Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry, brother of 'Bosie'. Following a renumbering he was designated tenth Marquess. (1868-1920)
Right Rev. the Hon. Charles James Stewart (1775-1839)
Sir George Couper Bt (1788-1861)
Victoria Paget, god-daughter of Queen Victoria (1848-1859)
William John Cavendish Scott-Bentinck, 5th Duke of Portland (1800-1879)


Baron Gunther Rau von Holhauzen (1882-1905)
David Ochterlony Dyce Sombre (1808-1851)
Frederick Kast (d. 1896)
George Payne (1803-1878)
Henry Weysford Charles Hastings (4th Marquess of Hastings)
Kate Meyrick (1875-1933)
Rt Hon William Pole Tylney Long-Wellesley, 4th Earl of Mornington (1788-1857)
Rt. Hon. Lord Thomas Cecil (1797-1873)
Sir Claude Robert Campbell (1871-1900)
Sophie Dawes, Baronne de Feuchères (c1792-1840)


Alexander John Ellis (1814-1890)
Augustus Matthieson (1831-1870)
Baden Powell (1796-1860)
Charles Babbage (1791-1871)
Charles Konig (1774-1851)
David Forbes (1828-1876)
Edward John Dent (1790-1853)
Edward Troughton (1753-1835)
Edward Turner (1798-1837)
Frank McClean (1837-1904)
Frederick Albert Windsor (1763-1830)
Frederick Edward Pirkis (1835-1910)
Frederick Gully (1833-1866)
Frederick Martin Josef Welwitsch (1806-1872)
George Bishop (1785-1861)
George Busk (1807-1886)
George James Symons (1838-1900)
George Newport (1803-1854)
Henry Noel Humphreys (1810-1879)
Henry Thomas de la Bech (1796-1855)
Hills (1864-1922)
Hugh Cuming (1791-1865)
Hugh Falconer (1808-1865)
James Wyld (1812-1887)
John Claudius Loudon (1783-1843)
John Gould (1804-1881)
John Hall Gladstone (1827-1902)
John Morris (1810-1886)
Joseph Glynn (1799-1863)
Joseph Sabine (1770-1837)
Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854)
Rev. John Frederick Blake (1839-1906)
Richard Marnock (1800-1898)
Robert Brown (1773-1858)
Robert James Mann (1817-1886)
Rt. Hon. Sir William Robert Grove FRS (1811-1896)
Rudolph Messel (1848-1920)
Samuel Hawksley Burbury (1831-1911)
Sir Charles Thomas Newton KCB (1816-1886)
Sir Samuel Canning (1823-1908)
Sir Thomas Galloway FRS (1765-1851)
Thomas Hancock (1786-1865)
William Freeman Daniell (1818-1865)
William John Broderip (1789-1859)
William Kidd (1803-1867)


Kiralfry (1845-1919)
Alexander MacDonnell (1798-1835)
Allan Gibson Steel (1858-1914)
Dimitry Soltykoff (c1827-1903)
Edmund Carter Daniels (1857-1885)
Henry Angelo (1780-1852)
Henry Jones (1831-1899)
Howard Staunton (1810-1874)
James Cobbett (1804-1842)
James Prince (d. 1886)
Louis Charles de la Bourdonnais (1795-1840)
Major Walter Clopton Wingfield (1833-1912)
Owen Swift (1814-1879)
Percival May Davson (c1876-1959)
Robert David Diamond (1896-1972)
Roger Kynaston (1805-1874)


Benjamin Rotch (1794-1854)
Cresswell Cresswell (1794-1863)
Daboda Dewajee (d. 1861)
Edward Molyneux (1798-1864)
Edward Smirke (1795-1875)
George Frederick Carden (1798-1874)
George Parker Bidder (1836-1896)
James Russell (1790-1861)
Lefevre (1st Viscount Eversley)
Montagu Edward Smith (1808-1891)
Nicholas Conyngham Tindal (1776-1846)
Peter Burrowes (1751-1841)
Richard Carlile (1790-1843)
Robert Pashley (1805-1859)
Samuel Plank (1777-1840)
Sir Alexander James Edward Cockburn (1802-1880)
Sir Edward Ryan FRS (1793-1875)
Sir George Farrant (c1770-1844)
Sir Henry Hawkins (Baron Brampton)
Sir Henry Manisty (1808-1890)
Sir Henry Singer Keating (1804-1888)
Sir James Stephen (1829-1894)
Sir Richard Mayne KCB (1786-1868)
Sir Robert Lush (1807-1881)
Sir William Maule KC (1788-1858)
The Hon. Sir George Rose FRS (1782-1873)
Thomas James Arnold (c1804-1877)


Alfred Leslie (né Lester) (1874-1925)
Benjamin Oliver (c1805-1873)
Harley (1786-1858)
Harry Clifton (c1826-1872)
Ada Cavendish (Marshal) (1839-1895)
Agnes Butterfield (Kitty Melrose) (1883-1912)
Alfred Sydney Wigan (1814-1878)
Anna Maria Bradshaw (1801-1862)
Arthur Bourchier (1863-1927)
Carlotta Le Clercq (1840-1893)
Catherine Hayes (1818-1861)
Catherine Stephens (1794-1882)
Charles James Mathews (1803-1878)
Charles Philip Kemble (1775-1854)
Charles Selby (né George Harvey Wilson) (1802-1863)
Clara Vestris Webster (1821-1844)
Elizabeth Mathews (Lizzy Davenport) (1806-1899)
Ellen Amelia Orridge (1856-1883)
Florence Marryat (1838-1899)
Frances Anne Kemble (1809-1893)
Frederick Lablache (1815-1887)
George Claremont (1846-1919)
George Danson (1799-1881)
George Grossmith (1847-1912)
George Tyrrell Thorne (c1856-1922)
Harold Pinter (1930-2008)
Henry Holl (1811-1884)
Henry Roxby Beverley (1796-1863)
Henry Roxby Beverley (c1814-1889)
Henry Russell (1812-1900)
Hezekiah Linthicum Bateman (1812-1875)
Horace Mayhew (1816-1872)
Isabella Glyn (Dallas) (1823-1889)
James Albery (1838-1889)
James Robertson Anderson (1811-1895)
John Boaden (1762-1839)
John Braham (1774-1856)
John Cooper (c1793-1880)
John Lawrence Toole (1830-1906)
John Liston (1776-1864)
John Maddison Morton (1811-1891)
John Wilson (1800-1849)
Lewis Strange Wingfield (1842-1891)
Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (1797-1836)
Lydia Alice Foote (Legge) (1844-1892)
Oscar Byrn (1795-1867)
Richard Flexmore (1824-1860)
Robb Harwood (c1870-1910)
Robert Reece (1838-1891)
Robert Roxby (1817-1866)
Rose Le Clercq (1845-1899)
Rosoman Mountain (c1768-1841)
Samuel Collins (Samuel Vagg) (1825-1865)
Sarah Lane (1822-1899)
Sarah Louisa Fairbrother, morganatic wife of the Duke of Cambridge (1816-1890)
Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan RA (1911-1979)
Sir William Henry Don (1825-1862)
Theresa Catherine Johanna Tietjens (1831-1877)
William Charles Macready (1793-1873)
William Creswick (1813-1888)
William Edward Love (1806-1867)
William Harries Tilbury (1806-1884)
Willie Edouin (William Frederick Bryer) (1846-1908)

NON HABEMUS CORPUS : Not Resting At All Souls, Kensal Green

Despite claims that may appear on certain other Web sites, the General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is not the present resting place of the following:

Anna Massey Actress Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
Artemus Ward Humourist Temporarily deposited in a catacomb at All Souls, Kensal Green, until repatriation to the USA in 1868
Christopher Downes Theatre dresser and critic Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
Danny La Rue Entertainer Interred in the adjacent Roman Catholic cemetery of St. Mary, Kensal Green
Frank Linsly James Explorer Remains removed to West Dean Cemetery in 1917
Fred Zinneman Film Director Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
Freddie Mercury Musician Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
Geoffrey Hutchings Actor Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
Ingrid Bergman Actress Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains repatriated to her native Sweden
Iris Murdoch Novelist Cremated and remains scattered at Oxford Crematorium
Joe Strummer Musician Cremated at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green, remains privately deposited elsewhere
John Auldjo Explorer Died in Geneva, buried there in the Chatelaine Cemetery
Marcus Garvey Orator and activist Coffin deposited at St. Mary's RC Cemetery, Kensal Green, until repatriation to Jamaica in 1964
Mary Seacole Nurse Interred in the adjacent Roman Catholic cemetery of St. Mary, Kensal Green
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Composer Interred in Bandon Hill Cemetery, Plough Lane, Beddington, Surrey