Events and Open Days at Kensal Green


There are a number of events and open days throughout the year open to the public which prove popular with historians, tourists and locals. A list of forthcoming events is shown on this page.

Tickets may be booked on the day; early booking is strongly advised as tours usually sell out by early afternoon. Tours keep to the main paths, but sensible shoes -- and protection from sun or rain as the day demands -- are advisable.

Visitors are politely reminded that Kensal Green is a working cemetery which still conducts funerals daily, and that the bereaved may be visiting the graves of family or friends: those who come specifically for Open Day tours and events are requested to dress and behave with respect and consideration for all those in the cemetery on the day.

Visitors are welcome to take still photos of monuments and landscape for personal reference. Formal permission is required for commercial photography and the use of models, amateur or professional, and for recording, filming and/or broadcasting of any kind, including webcasting: please contact the General Cemetery Company directly for further information.

FoKGC Forthcoming Events

Charles Dickens and Friends: 19th century literary connections in Kensal Green Cemetery - A Walking Tour

Date / time: 10:30 08-Oct-22

Location: Kensal Green Cemetery

Many of us step in the world of Victorian England through the books of the period’s most famous writers. Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, Wilkie Collins and Anthony Trollope gave us timeless classics still popular today. Alongside literary luminaries there were many others who may not be so widely known nowadays, but were household names at the time, such as William Harrison Ainsworth and Thomas Mayne Reid.

They lived and worked at the time when Kensal Green became the country’s most prestigious cemetery, and they, along with their friends, rivals, colleagues and associates came to rest here (Charles Dickens wished to be buried in Kensal Green but was buried at Westminster Abbey instead). As we walk among the splendour of Kensal Green's early Victorian funerary architecture, we’ll learn about these writers' lives and times, their friendships and rivalries, and will come closer to the England of 150 years ago.

Price: £12.00

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