Britain's Most Prestigious Cemetery

Trustee vacancies at the Friends

We welcome new trustees who can assist us in promoting the cemetery and helping our work. We have two specific vacancies at present but if you can offer us other assistance, we would love to hear from you.

If you are able to help the Friends by taking on all or part of these tasks, or can offer other assistance, please contact the Treasurer, Ian Johnson, at:

Fundraising/event management

We have a vacancy for someone to help with the raising of funds for the charity.

The task requires:

  • With other Trustees, identifying and scoping specific projects
  • Approaching potential funders and preparing proposals
  • Identifying opportunities for fundraising though hire of the Dissenters’ Chapel and event opportunities
  • Coordinating the work of Trustees, volunteers and others to facilitate income-earning events

Care of a historic and natural environment

We are looking for a Trustee to lead our activities to balance the preservation of historic monuments with the conservation of an important natural environment. The task includes

  • Identifying monuments whose integrity is threatened by opportunistic natural growth such as ivy, buddleia, or brambles
  • Recruiting and leading teams of volunteers to undertake care of the environment, such as removal of non-biodegradable waste or curtailment of threatening vegetation
  • Partnering with the land owners and managers
  • Outreach to local participants in nature conservation activity
  • Staying abreast of advice from Historic England and from Natural England. .